Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> 500--> Конструктор FCH Блоки 268 500 элементов

Конструктор FCH Блоки 268 500 элементов

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Конструктор FCH Блоки 268 500 элементов

для девочки, для мальчика;от 3 лет;навыки: логика и мышление, моторика и ловкость;пластик;число деталей: 500 шт.


Конструктор Bauer Avia (115 элементов)

The Wood Trick puzzles are mechanical 3D-models, which assembling without glue in accordance with the instructions! The details are made of environmentally friendly plywood! Our souvenir-collectible models allow the child to develop logical thinking and fine motor skills!

Конструктор поисковых запросов¶ The Query Builder allows you to define a subset of a table using a SQL-like WHERE clause and to display the result in the main window. The query result can then be saved as a new vector layer.

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“Display“ Design office”, JSC has over 10 500 m2 of working area and a complex of production equipment. The control quality system is certified with ISO 9001 – 2011 requirements. The control quality system provides the production of high-quality and reliable products.

Игольчатый конструктор ❤️ Собираю игольчатый конструктор Bristle Blocks. Конструктор для детей

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