Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> 500--> Направляющая Kreg Kms7448

Направляющая Kreg Kms7448

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Направляющая Kreg Kms7448

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How To Use A Kreg Jig For Beginners - Step By Step

Another great Kreg product! After purchasing the DEWALT table saw, I quickly discovered that, while the saw itself is great, the miter gauge is pretty much worthless. I was hesitant to buy Kreg’s gauge because of its price compared to similar products available, but decided to give it a try given Kreg’s other affordable solutions on the market.

Kreg make some amazing Table Saw Accessories and the KMS7102 is no exception. Check out the review here to see what this amazing miter gauge has to offer.

I'm very happy with my Kreg track and stop system. Setting up your miter saw with stop system is mandatory in my opinion. The old tape measure/pencil mark/chase the mark and make a cut method is such a waste of time I'm amazed when I see builders doing it.
Use the Kreg Precision Miter Gauge System to cut perfect miters. It features a gauge head machined on a computerized milling machine for increased precision. It also has an easy-to-read Vernier scale for precise angle adjustments up to 1/10th of a degree. Five bar adjusters eliminate "play" between the bar and miter slot for a perfect fit.

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