Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> 500--> Рулон ISOLON tape 500 3008 LA VB 1м 8мм

Рулон ISOLON tape 500 3008 LA VB 1м 8мм

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Рулон ISOLON tape 500 3008 LA VB 1м 8мм

тип: сшитый (ППЭ);форма: рулон;толщина 8 мм;ширина 1 м;фольгированная


Foamed polyethylene, self-adhesive polyethylene, mats and rolls of various densities. Targets for archery and crossbow shooting. Delivery all over Europe.

The Prolon T500 digital sensors with digital display are designed to work with Prolon VAV or HPS controllers, to which they transmit information such as the ambient zone temperature, the heating and cooling setpoints as well as the schedule override request from the zone.

Saint-Gobain Seals' OmniSeal®, Rulon® and Meldin® products make THE difference.The critical parts control the system's core function and if they fail, the system is compromised.
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