Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> 500--> Рулон ISOLON tape 500 3010 VB/VP 1м 10мм

Рулон ISOLON tape 500 3010 VB/VP 1м 10мм

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Рулон ISOLON tape 500 3010 VB/VP 1м 10мм

тип: сшитый (ППЭ);форма: рулон;толщина 10 мм;ширина 1 м;для внутренних работ


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Saint-Gobain Seals' OmniSeal®, Rulon® and Meldin® products make THE difference.The critical parts control the system's core function and if they fail, the system is compromised.

- As its close relative Bester 700, Beston 500 requires about 30 minutes in water before you can start using it. As it is a coarse stone, no nagura stone massage is required. Sharpening speed is pretty good, but compared to DTM 8XXC Diamond Whetstone , or even Shapton® 220 grit Glass Stone™ it is slower.

3M Performance Masking Tape 2380 was designed for industrial use where the best possible paint line is desired and drying conditions range from air dry to oven bake. Its smooth, strong, mini-crepe paper masking tape holds fast, removes easily and will give you great performance for most paint masking applications. Details:
3M 9088-200 bonding tape comes in a 12 mm width, 50 m length, uses an acrylic adhesive and is packaged 80 per case. Products in this category feature a liner on the back which you peel away from to expose the adhesive material before applying to the substrate.


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