Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> 500--> Рулон ISOLON tape 500 4004 LM VP 1м 4мм

Рулон ISOLON tape 500 4004 LM VP 1м 4мм

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Рулон ISOLON tape 500 4004 LM VP 1м 4мм

тип: сшитый (ППЭ);форма: рулон;толщина 4 мм;ширина 1 м;для внутренних работ


StP Сплэн 3008 — шумоизоляция — видео обзор 130.com.ua

3M Impact Stripping Tape 500 is a green, 33.0 mil (0.80 mm) specially compounded rubber backing with acrylic adhesive and a silicone easy release liner. From the Manufacturer. 3M Impact Stripping Tape 500 is designed to cut easily, smoothly and cleanly, making it an optimal tape for masking fine details or creating small lettering.

HP 500 HP 500® Heavy Duty Grade Hot Melt Packaging Tape. Heavy duty grade hot melt packaging tape for manual or automated industrial sealing of heavy, bulky cartons, including overstuffed or under-filled cartons, in high stress and extreme handling conditions.

Foamed polyethylene, self-adhesive polyethylene, mats and rolls of various densities. Targets for archery and crossbow shooting. Delivery all over Europe.
3M 9741M Double Coated Tape Clear, 10 in x 60 yd, 4 rolls per case SKU: 00051125657525 3M™ Double Coated Tape 9741M, .5 mil polyester 3 mil acrylic adhesive, 74 lb polycoated kraft paper liner.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. Boeing 747SP-21 (VQ-BMS) arrives at Las Vegas!

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