Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> 500--> USB HUB (концентратор) Kensington Hub - USB 2.0, 7 портов 1500100

USB HUB (концентратор) Kensington Hub - USB 2.0, 7 портов 1500100

USB HUB (концентратор) Kensington Hub - USB 2.0, 7 портов 1500100


Unboxing 7 Port USB 2.0 Power Hub High Speed Adapter Separated w/ ON/OFF Switch Laptop PC

Kensington are proud to announce the launch of the USB 2.0 Kensington Hub, the flagship of our hub range this stunningly designed hub is packed with the latest USB 2.0 technology allowing for transmission rates 40 times faster than conventional USB 1.1. The Kensington Hub offers 7 additional USB 2.0 ports, one of which is ingeniously positioned.

I have been a USB 4 port hub and wanted to upgrade to USB 2.0 and found this one. A little larger than I wanted but works very nicely. It comes with a power adapter, but I do not need it and I have no problem collecting to four peripherals. Once, I got a message that the adapter is needed to handle large transfer, but it never appeared again.

Even if the second number is greater than the first, there is always the possibility that the situation could change as new USB devices make an appearance. In either case you could well benefit from a hub that increases your USB connectivity options. One such device is the Kensington Hub USB 2.0.
Honestly for the £7 i paid i was pretty surprised at the quality of it. It comes with an ac adapter and plug to make the hub powered so you can plug in your more power hungry devices, also comes with a carry bag and your usb to mini usb cable.

USB hub not working? Powered Vs Unpowered

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