Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> &--> Штатив Davis & Sanford Grounder w/3-way Pan Head

Штатив Davis & Sanford Grounder w/3-way Pan Head

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Штатив Davis & Sanford Grounder w/3-way Pan Head

напольный трипод;для фото- и видеокамер;максимальная высота 175 см;3D-головка;встроенный уровень


Review of Davis and Sanford Pro Vista Airlift tripod with FM18 head

Новый Canon G7X mark iii Основные характеристики Canon G7X mark iii Видео в формате 4K Видео Full HD 120 кадров/с 20,1.

The Traverse TR-553-228 Compact Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head from Davis & Sanford combines a lightweight (2.6 lb) tripod with a ball head that can hold 10 lb, and reach a maximum height of 53". The tripod's legs can be inverted 180­° so that the ball head is concealed within the legs, making the folded height only 12" long.

Штатив Manfrotto 190 More MT190A3-P 4000 ₴ Додати у кошик; Штатив Davis&Stanford Magnum XG FX13 2800 ₴ Додати у кошик
Setting a Firm Photographic Foundation. Tripods for camera support and stabilization are standard gear for photographers and videographers. There are camera tripods designed for virtually every situation and device, from the lightweight travel tripod or monopod that can collapse to fit in your carry-on bag to mini tripods and sturdy professional-grade tripods suited for studio photography and.

Fluid Head Tripods, Davis and Sanford vs Manfrotto Photo Movie - DSLRnerd.com

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