Фен-щетка Polaris PHS 0518--> &--> Вращающаяся головоломка Rotate & Slide Puzzle

Вращающаяся головоломка Rotate & Slide Puzzle

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Вращающаяся головоломка Rotate & Slide Puzzle

Головоломка Rotate & Slide Puzzle представляет собой необычную игрушку, которая будет отличным тренажером для мышления и логики ребенка. Данная игрушка - это продолговатая мозаика, состоящая из разноцветных элементов. Задачей же…


Turbo Snail Bob: Puzzle rotating / Турбо улитка Боб: Головоломка Вращающийся пазл

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There is a simple way in photoshop's image ready that you can do a flat roation. Get your logo, then duplicate it a bunch of times then shrink them bit by bit from the side, you can stop there or.

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Planck was launched on 14 May 2009 on an Ariane 5 along with ESA’s Herschel infrared observatory. The mission was designed to study the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the relic radiation from the Big Bang, with an accuracy defined by fundamental astrophysical limits.
Press and drag the background to rotate your camera view. Move the mouse to the far left edge of the screen to open the puzzle item palette. Beginner. Right click an item to change its properties or connect items together. The entry door, exit door, and large observation room are mandatory items.

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