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Автомобильная акустика Ultimate TF525

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Автомобильная акустика Ultimate TF525

двухполосная коаксиальная АС;максимальная мощность 100 Вт;чувствительность 90 дБ;импеданс 4 Ом;диапазон частот 80 - 25000 Гц


Чем отличаются автомобильные динамики от домашних?

An Ultimate Stage Series speaker will create the impression of sound existing in three dimensions, encompassing the listener and creating a Stage before them. This series is available in different color combinations to best fit into your environment, making them as impressive for their looks as their performance.

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The W200B will completely change how and where you listen to music. Not only does it sound sensational, it’s also powerful enough to fill any room with great sound but even more impressive is its functionality and versatility.

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If we are discussing Porsche, we are assured of certain aspects and need not even remind ourselves, if those are checked out while buying any model that wears the brand name on it. so take the example of the 2019 Panamera and we are already assured of its flexibility, performance or its flamboyance.
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